City-centeric Projects, Public Spaces


These days, we live in the cities that are mostly identified and portrayed with the images of single outstanding buildings and the architecture of urban monuments, which makes us to ask this question: “What is a non-ignoring image of the city or what part of the reality of the city in these images is not being staged?”

Mobasher Nikui in “CITY-CENTERIC PROJECTS and PUBLIC SPACE” discussed the transformations of the regressive contemporary cities with focus on city of l Tehran and the gaps that could be addressed in today’s market-oriented cities.

Mobasher is an architect and educator based in Tehran. His main focus has been urban transformations and semantics of architectural form. After his graduation from Tehran University and École Polytechnic Federal de Lausanne in 2012, he continued his architecture profession in Tehran, as a research associate in Tehran University and a freelance architect. He then co-founded KUH for Architecture at 2017. He has already worked on several architecture and experimental research projects.

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